Create your planted planter

Select your 4 herbs from the list below. We will plant them in the planter for you. We use only organic compost mix and organically grown herbs. All this and delivered to your door.


Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 60 × 35 cm
  • Basil Sweet 15cm

    Basil what more do you need to know… great in salads, cooking, making pesto and just a great herb.

  • Coriander 4kg

    An annual that thrives in sun and half sun. Does require some pruning.

  • Garden Thyme 4kg

    An easy to grow perennial with many uses. Does require some pruning. Sun loving.

  • Italian Parsley 4kg

    An annual that thrives in most locations. Does prefer sun or half sun and requires some pruning.

  • Oregano 4kg

    An easy to grow perennial that tolerates poor soil and full sun.

  • Rosemary tuscon 15cm

    Rosemary tuscon an upright herb, one of the most popular herbs today. Extremely hardy can handle sun and semi shade.

  • Sage 15cm

    Sage is commonly used for fish dishes. Has a very distinctive taste and smell with a pretty blue or pink flower.

  • Thyme Lemon 4kg

    An easy to grow perennial with aromatic leaves. Sun loving and tolerates poor soil.