Meet the Owner and Founder

Tracey’s passion for gardening started from when she was knee high to a grasshopper and is as strong as ever. 

Tracey was born in a Village in Dorset, England and is the proud founder of her landscaping and edible garden service. The company’s secret to success is very much based on excellent service provision and the that fact that Village Gardens is a dynamic company that is ever changing depending on the client’s expectations and the shift in our climate. Village Gardens specializes in small to medium sized water wise and edible gardens. Other services include hard gardens, more traditional gardens, indigenous edibles, container gardens and of course, seasonal maintenance. Tracey has sourced an excellent partner to assist with drip irrigation and Jojo tanks to help us though the dry seasons. Village Gardens has a team of 3 landscapers and a brilliant group of guys that are passionate about ensuring everyone can have the garden of their dreams. The staff are all extremely respectful and Tracey says they are even happy to save an odd bee or two struggling in the pool; ‘That’s just how we are’. Tracey is very proud to say that 10% of all monies made by Village Gardens is donated to animal charities including 4 paws and Panthera Africa.

Tracey is very humbled to add that she has been fortunate to write for the Fairlady’s garden pages, Seeff magazine, Bay Magazine’s garden pages as well as offering garden tips and advice in the Billboard magazine. Tracey also writes for the South Africa Gardener magazine and for Grow to Eat magazine and is sometimes guest speaker on Smile FM as well as guest speaker talking about food gardens with Pippa Hudson on Cape Talk 567am.

Our Experts



Landscape designer, irrigation specialist and horticulturist

My name is Joshua and I have been immersed in the world of plants, landscaping and design for 7 years. 
I started my journey soon after I left school and it was very rare not to see me lost in a garden. Always sowing seeds or bulbs, taking cuttings or literally just smelling the aromas from the plants.  
Doing a variety of internships and working for various nurseries, landscapers and designers. Having Implemented and designed many different gardens.  
I have an avid love for all plants (varieties and species). Focusing on design work, horticulture and propagation. Changing the landscape from vision to reality.  I use organic, sustainable, ecological methods and practices to create healthy soil and cultivate plants.
I believe a healthy garden is all about balance and synchronicity. It is us the gardeners who try to find that balance.

Myles Bardenhorst

Project Manager

Myles moved from Johannesburg to sunny Cape Town and has a wealth of experience he has brought from up north… building work, agricultural knowledge and among other things a great leader and extremely passionate about good quality service

Myles has a BSc Honours degree in Geography and Archaeology and has worked as a project manager in the agriculture and aquaculture sectors. He joined Village Gardens in 2021 and is enjoying combining his technical and practical skills with his love of nature.”



Super Vision Decking and Paving

Super Vision is a family run business in home maintenance and renovations, who have worked in the UK and South Africa.

Antony Peel and Suzie Winter have a combined working experience of over 50 yrs in Architectural concrete design and in the Civil Construction industry.


We have an excellent team of skilled craftsmen who take pride in the work they do with attention to detail and delivery of precision to the completion of our projects. We have trusting relationships with our clients, taking pride in quality workmanship and service with hassle free,

Secure site management.



Super Vision Decking and Paving

Services Super Vision have to offer:


  • Decking and Carpentry
  • Pergolas
  • Paving
  • Painting
  • Small building renovations and Repairs
  • Water proofing
  • Home improvements both interior and Garden.

My passion is driven by our ever-changing world; climate change is resulting in our precious commodities being destroyed, I have strong beliefs that we have a chance to save what little we have left.

Tracey Cole


Our Mission
& Values

Our mission is to help improve and protect client’s property values by providing professional landscape, design, installation, and maintenance, using sound environmental practices and delivering these services at a competitive rate.

Deliver high standards in quality and service. Be good environmental stewards.

Exceptional Expertise

Best Services Provider

Village Gardens is a landscaping and garden design company situated in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. We offer our landscaping services all over the Cape Town region, both in the Northern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs, within a 60km radius of Tokai.

At Village Gardens we cover all your garden related needs. We also do ponds, water features, fire pits, grey water systems, jojo tanks and irrigation. Anything garden related, give us a call and we will be able to help you with your garden design.

Our prices are very competitive, in fact, we are quite sure we can beat any quotation and confident that we can work with any budget.

We specialize in water wise gardens which is especially helpful during our drought seasons when we have water restrictions, not to mention, very easy to maintain. We also specialize in edible gardens such as vegetable gardensherb gardens or indigenous edible garden design.


Flower and Vegetable Garden Plans

We don’t just create your garden or redesign your garden, we will also maintain your garden for you. We offer seasonal maintenance and will prune, pick, pluck, dead head, weed, drink coffee and lots more.

There is no garden too big or too small for Village Gardens. If you have very little space and cannot have a garden, we offer planters or container gardens which can be used inside or outside and we utilise the space that you have to make it work for you.

Gardening Help

With our expert advice and excellent service, we guarantee you a garden design you will love. With the water shortage and world changing we can help you with an indigenous and water wise garden.

Gardening Help

Is your garden looking tired and in need of a little care and attention? Do you need a professional landscaper to do your garden design or garden redesign in Cape Town? Let us come and give your garden a makeover that will suit your budget.

Gardening Help

Let us do your garden landscape design and we will guarantee you a great service, a beautiful landscaped garden design that you are proud of and we’ll work within your budget.